Ratbags Innocent Bystanders Event Feed http://www.ratbagsib.co.nz Ratbags Innocent Bystanders All Blacks v South Africahttp://www.ratbagsib.co.nz/event.php?eid=3<p>Come Party at Ratbags and Innocent Bystanders and watch the All Blacks take on our arch rivals the mighty South African juggernaut.<br /> <br /> Wear black and get behind the lads for what is sure to be a massive event on the Dunedin Calendar.<br /> <br /> Then after the game come party with us, right in the heart of the celebrations, or commiserations!</p>0000-00-00 00:00:00http://www.ratbagsib.co.nz/event.php?eid=3http://www.ratbagsib.co.nz/images/132/medium/haka-all-blacks-vs-springboks-july-2006-cp-chris-collins-springbokrugby.jpgAll Blacks v South Africahttp://www.ratbagsib.co.nz/event.php?eid=3 Queenstown Winter Drawhttp://www.ratbagsib.co.nz/event.php?eid=4This FRIDAY we are drawing the Queenstown prize pack!<br /> <br /> On Friday night be at Innocent Bystander at 6pm to see who is going to win the biggest prize we have ever given away..<br /> 1st place - a snowboard worth $800, petrol vouchers, ski passes, shotover jet passes, meal vouchers at the Pig and Whistle and more !!<br /> 2nd Prize - Another snowboard worth $800 !!<br /> <br /> So come down and enjoy one last becks to enter to win, before the draw is made, who knows, it could be you !!0000-00-00 00:00:00http://www.ratbagsib.co.nz/event.php?eid=4http://www.ratbagsib.co.nz/images/157/medium/snowboarding-jump-1024-768-2705.jpgQueenstown Winter Drawhttp://www.ratbagsib.co.nz/event.php?eid=4 FULL MOON PARTYhttp://www.ratbagsib.co.nz/event.php?eid=5Thursday the 2nd of August, all the party is at Innocent Bystanders<br /> <br /> Jagermeister and red bull - only $9<br /> speights only $5<br /> House wines only $5<br /> <br /> Plus a live DJ<br /> <br /> Its gonna be good0000-00-00 00:00:00http://www.ratbagsib.co.nz/event.php?eid=5http://www.ratbagsib.co.nz/images/159/medium/FULL-MOON-POSTER.jpgFULL MOON PARTYhttp://www.ratbagsib.co.nz/event.php?eid=5 Canadian Club Surf-Board Drawhttp://www.ratbagsib.co.nz/event.php?eid=6<br /> Drink any Canadian Club product at Ratbags or Innocent Bystanders over the month of September, and go in the draw to win a 'MINI&nbsp;MAL' surf board.<br /> <br /> Ask at the bar for details<br /> <br /> Drawn at the Full Moon Party on the 29th September<br /> <br /> You must be 18 to enter0000-00-00 00:00:00http://www.ratbagsib.co.nz/event.php?eid=6http://www.ratbagsib.co.nz/images/163/medium/ccsurfboard.jpgCanadian Club Surf-Board Drawhttp://www.ratbagsib.co.nz/event.php?eid=6 Russian Standard - Wintermixerhttp://www.ratbagsib.co.nz/event.php?eid=2In conjuction with The Edge radio station, Russian Standard Vodka is bringing the party of the Winter Season to our bar...<br /> <br /> &nbsp;- LIVE&nbsp;DJ from the Edge playing from 8pm til Midnight<br /> &nbsp;- FREE giveaways to the first 100 people through the door<br /> - Special Cocktails made just for the night<br /> - Dressup is essential<br /> <br /> For more information go to the Edge website<br /> <br /> see you here for the Winter party of the year<br /> <br />0000-00-00 00:00:00http://www.ratbagsib.co.nz/event.php?eid=2http://www.ratbagsib.co.nz/images/78/medium/Russian-Standard-Vodka-kept-Oscar-guests-happy-2.jpgRussian Standard - Wintermixerhttp://www.ratbagsib.co.nz/event.php?eid=2 Highlanders v Hurricaneshttp://www.ratbagsib.co.nz/event.php?eid=7The mighty Wellington Hurricanes are coming south to try and beat our equally strong Highlanders.<br /> <br /> This should be a massive night, and we have 4 tickets up for grabs. Just drink any speight's product, and go in the draw to not only win the tickets, but also a free meal and drinks for you and your mates before hand.0000-00-00 00:00:00http://www.ratbagsib.co.nz/event.php?eid=7http://www.ratbagsib.co.nz289Highlanders v Hurricaneshttp://www.ratbagsib.co.nz/event.php?eid=7 St Patrick's Dayhttp://www.ratbagsib.co.nz/event.php?eid=8Ratbags is throwing one hell of a party on this, the last St Patricks day that falls on a weekend for many a year !<br /> <br /> We will have Guinness on tap, Live bands playing all day long, and dress up prizes galore.<br /> <br /> So come down and get Irish, drink too much, have too much fun, and regret it all on Monday.<br /> <br />0000-00-00 00:00:00http://www.ratbagsib.co.nz/event.php?eid=8http://www.ratbagsib.co.nz290St Patrick's Dayhttp://www.ratbagsib.co.nz/event.php?eid=8 Highlanders v Redshttp://www.ratbagsib.co.nz/event.php?eid=9Come watch our boys take on the Reds.<br /> <br /> If you drink any Speights product, you go in the draw to win tickets for you and 3 mates to the game, plus drinks and a meal at Ratbags beforehand.<br /> <br /> What more could you want!0000-00-00 00:00:00http://www.ratbagsib.co.nz/event.php?eid=9http://www.ratbagsib.co.nz291Highlanders v Redshttp://www.ratbagsib.co.nz/event.php?eid=9 Full Moon Partyhttp://www.ratbagsib.co.nz/event.php?eid=10Its that time of Month again<br /> <br /> On the last weekend of every month, Innocent Bystanders puts a DJ on the Deck and slams tunes until the early hours, in recognition of the Full Moon Party and all it stands for!<br /> <br /> So come and enjoy yourself, we have cheap drink deals and one hell of a party to offer.<br /> <br /> We know we will.0000-00-00 00:00:00http://www.ratbagsib.co.nz/event.php?eid=10http://www.ratbagsib.co.nz292Full Moon Partyhttp://www.ratbagsib.co.nz/event.php?eid=10